Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Who is Bitty Man?

Bitty Man (Bitty for even shorter) is Christopher's nickname. He was thus named due to his little, itty, bitty, size at birth (7 pounds, 1 ounce). Bitty is 17 months old.

Why a blog? Because I have discovered that in spite of my best intentions, I can not keep up with a baby book, baby calendar, or baby journal. I'm hoping that I can post the occasional milestone between late night eBay selling and games of Tri-Peaks solitaire on Pogo.

This week Bitty has his first phobia -- the smoke detector. Daddy made the mistake of checking the detectors the night before he left for the KDJB Tour of not-Europe. The sound of the alarm absolutely terrified Bitty. He now refuses to be left alone in a room with an alarm... which would be any room in our house. He points at the menacing device, cries, 'Dada! BEEP! BEEP!' then bursts into tears.

Did I mention Dan is gone for 12 days?

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