Tuesday, March 29, 2005

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All make perfect sense except... Portugal?

Bitty Man, International Man of Mystery?!?

Monday, March 28, 2005

Random Thoughts

15 M&M's + 5 new Matchbox cars + 10 jelly beans + 1 new Tonka truck = One Wired Bitty Man

Mamma: "What would you like for breakfast this morning?"
Bitty Man: "Mmm an Mmmms!"
Mamma: "No, M&M's were for treats on Easter Sunday. How about a waffle?"
Bitty Man: "Mmm an Mmm waffle?"

I finally figured out how to install StatCounter in this blog. Be forewarned -- Not only can I track page views, but I can track keyword searches that lead to this sight (that could be interesting... and scary), the sight you came from to access this blog and your visit length! Big Brother is watching Bitty Man's blog!

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Sending Easter Blessings across the miles! Posted by Hello

Happy Easter! Posted by Hello

EGGS... MESS! Posted by Hello

Saturday, March 26, 2005

'Born to Ride' at Chuck E Cheese! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Grandma and Pa-Pa's Sweet Revenge

Grandma and Pa-Pa arrived on Saturday for spring break. (They own a second home just down the street from Bitty Man.)

I officially apologize for anything and everything I did during my first 18 years of life that angered or upset my parents. Now quit being so darn nice to Bitty Man so he'll want to hang with Mommy and Daddy again.

Conversation on Sunday night while driving home from dinner with Grandma and Pa-Pa at the local iHop: (Bitty loves the Kids Egg sandwich plate -- minus the cheese and butter of course.)

Mamma: "Did you have fun at dinner?"
Bitty: "Grandma?... Pa-Pa?"
Daddy: "Grandma and Pa-Pa went to contribute to the local economy. We'll see them tomorrow."
Mamma: "No, we're going to our house, honey."

We pull into our gated community and turn left towards our house, instead of right towards Grandma and Pa-Pa's.


A full meltdown then occurs. Daddy and I think seriously of dropping Bitty off at Grandma and Pa-Pa's... and making a quick beeline to Puerto Vallarta for the week! Maybe next spring break. In the meantime, Grandma and Pa-Pa are having a wonderful time spoiling Bitty Man silly.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

You Outta Be in Pictures

Bitty Man saw his first movie on Thursday. (It was actually the second movie he's attended. The first one was The Lord of the Rings in December, 2002 -- when Momma was 4 months pregnant. Momma spent the entire movie shielding her belly with jackets since Baby Cheese would kick like crazy every time there was a loud battle scene!) This time he saw Robots. Daddy was pre-empted by the NCAA Tournament so he had the day off. We wanted to do something fun and different so we decided to try a matinee, figuring if Bitty Man hated it we'd only be out $8. (But since Momma and Daddy had not seen a movie in a theater in over 2 years, we were really hoping for the best.)

We lucked out and had the theater TO OURSELVES. Bitty was just thrilled to get to snack on popcorn and a few sips of diet soda. Once the lights went out we nervously watched Bitty's face for any signs of anxiety. Then the first preview began, for Herbie the Love Bug remake.

I'd forgotten how LOUD a THX sound system is.

I got ready to pick up our overpriced theater food, figuring I was about to hear the wailings of one terrified little boy. But instead I heard, 'CAR!!! BIG CAR!!! FUNNY!!!' and screams... of delight.

Bitty Man thought this 'big TV' was the greatest things since the vacuum cleaner. Uncle Tony will be thrilled to learn that Bitty's favorite preview was for the new Star Wars movie. (Which he will get to see when he's about 13.) And as for the feature presentation? Bitty watched all 90 minutes and when the credits were finished rolling asked, 'MORE?!?'

Bitty has now been officially sucked into the 20th Century Fox marketing machine. I imagine the Easter Bunny will be bringing a WonderBot for Bitty's basket.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Bitty the Bird Man at the zoo. Posted by Hello

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Get to Know Bitty Man

You know those annoying 'Questions' e-mails you get forwarded to you every few weeks? Well here's Bitty's answers:

1) What time is it? Huh? Clock! (4:50 pm)
2) Name as it appears on birth certificate: (No way, Jose. Too many internet freaks lurking.)
3) Nickname : Bitty! (Also Sweetie, Little Prince and when Mommy's mad, 'HEY! GET OVER HERE!')
4) Piercing: No skissors. Only Mamma Daddy do dit.
5) Eye color: Eyes... Blue!
6) Place of birth: (See #2)
7) Favorite food: Noo-nools (Noodles), Oat-eal (Apple oatmeal), Olive, Egg salad... yummy yummy! WIGGLES!
8) Ever been to Africa: Huh?
9) Ever been toilet papering: Yess... Mamma room! (When the bathoom door was left open.)
10) Love someone so much it made you cry: Cry. Sad.
11) Been in a car accident: No driving... bad... only Mamma Daddy do dit. (Lesson learned Monday night after he crawled into the front seat of the car and inserted the correct key in the ignition while Mommy was busy unloading groceries!)
12) Croutons or bacon bits: Num-Nums! (M&M's)
13) Favorite day of the week: Huh?
14) Favorite restaurant: Huh? (iHop and Chevy's)
15) Favorite flower: Flowers. No touch. Only Mamma Daddy do dit. (The arrangement on the table.)
16) Favorite sport to watch: Big boys baskeetball. FOOTBALL! PACHERS!
17) Favorite drink: Daddy SODA! (Diet Sprite)
18) Favorite ice cream: Ice ceem! (Rice Dream Vanilla or Sugar-free Fruit popsicles.)
19) Disney or Warner Bros: Huh? Wiggles! Elmo! Blue!
20) Favorite fast food restaurant: Elmo Cookie! (Ms. Field's Cookies)
21) What color is your bedroom carpet: Brown
22) Before this one, from whom did you get your last e-mail: Computer... typing... Elmo keyboard... mouse... no touch!
23) Which store would you choose to max out your credit card: Store! (Toys R Us)
24) What you do most often when you are bored: Trains, play po-cher (poker), book (reading)
25) Bed time: Bed. Sleepy. No! No bed! (10:30 pm)
26) Favorite TV shows: Wiggles, Blue, Singing (American Idol)
27) Last person you went out to dinner with: Mamma Daddy!
28) What are you listening to right now: Birdies... chirp-chirp!
29) What is your favorite color: Blue!
30) Lake, river or ocean: Water? Bath! Wash hands!
31) How many tattoos do you have: Huh? (Does a Gymboree hand stamp count?)
32) Have you ever run out of gas: Gas? Driving! Car! Nooo driving. (Every day around 3:00 pm and 10:30 pm.)
33) Time you finished this e-mail: Clock? (4:59 pm.)

Poor little guy. I didn't realize how much of his life is 'No! Only Mommy and Daddy do it!'

Monday, March 07, 2005

A Good Week to Visit Bitty Man

Five-day Forecast
Today: 72°/52° Sunny
Tuesday: 75°/54° Sunny
Wednesday: 80°/52° Sunny
Thursday: 81°/53° Sunny
Friday: 77°/56° Sunny

(I can hear the collective groans all the way from WI, NY and VA.) And if you can't some visit Bitty, well, he sends you warm thoughts!

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Big Man & Bitty Man Posted by Hello

Two Cheese in a pod. Posted by Hello

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Little Orphan Bitty?

Bitty Man has been enjoying Gymboree Half-Notes music classes for several months now. He took to the class like a cheesehead to a Packers game. Bitty is, in the words of his beloved teacher Miss Kim, 'a model student'. For 45 minutes he's engrossed in all the activities -- dancing with hoops, copying rhythm patterns with the shakers, exploring different musical instruments and the like. (Meanwhile most of the other 18-24 month old students are more interested in trying to escape from the music room.)

Yesterday Daddy had the pleasure of attending class with us. He beamed with pride watching his little protege in action. Miss Kim put on a song that began with a piano solo and Bitty immediately called out, 'Daddy! Pia-blo! (Piano in Bitty-speak.) Daddy singing!'

But the most amazing sight, and sound, came during the last activity of the class, the music free-for-all. Miss Kim puts on a song and the kids are supposed to do whatever they like while she blows bubbles. This month the theme is 'Broadway' so the song was 'Tomorrow' from the musical Annie. As everyone knows, this is without a doubt the most grating, annoying tune ever composed for the theater. So the tune begins and we begin to dance around, silently wishing the song would hurry up and end.

Until the chorus.

Bitty Man is very shy in a group setting. We can't shut him up at home, but as soon as other people are around he clams up. So Daddy and I, along with the rest of the class, were startled when all of a sudden we heard Bitty Man singing loud and clear (and on pitch I might add),


He was standing in the middle of the room, belting it out for all to hear. He held out 'WAY' for a good 8 counts. Daddy and I, who have heard him 'sing' at home and in the car for months, were cracking up (and shaking our heads in disbelief that we've produced such a cheesy little ham). The other parents and Miss Kim stared at Bitty Man with wide-eyes and dropped jaws.

So now, 'Tomorrow' has replaced the Wiggles' 'Fruit Salad' as Bitty's favorite tune. And for today, it's my favorite song as well.