Monday, March 28, 2005

Random Thoughts

15 M&M's + 5 new Matchbox cars + 10 jelly beans + 1 new Tonka truck = One Wired Bitty Man

Mamma: "What would you like for breakfast this morning?"
Bitty Man: "Mmm an Mmmms!"
Mamma: "No, M&M's were for treats on Easter Sunday. How about a waffle?"
Bitty Man: "Mmm an Mmm waffle?"

I finally figured out how to install StatCounter in this blog. Be forewarned -- Not only can I track page views, but I can track keyword searches that lead to this sight (that could be interesting... and scary), the sight you came from to access this blog and your visit length! Big Brother is watching Bitty Man's blog!

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