Saturday, March 19, 2005

You Outta Be in Pictures

Bitty Man saw his first movie on Thursday. (It was actually the second movie he's attended. The first one was The Lord of the Rings in December, 2002 -- when Momma was 4 months pregnant. Momma spent the entire movie shielding her belly with jackets since Baby Cheese would kick like crazy every time there was a loud battle scene!) This time he saw Robots. Daddy was pre-empted by the NCAA Tournament so he had the day off. We wanted to do something fun and different so we decided to try a matinee, figuring if Bitty Man hated it we'd only be out $8. (But since Momma and Daddy had not seen a movie in a theater in over 2 years, we were really hoping for the best.)

We lucked out and had the theater TO OURSELVES. Bitty was just thrilled to get to snack on popcorn and a few sips of diet soda. Once the lights went out we nervously watched Bitty's face for any signs of anxiety. Then the first preview began, for Herbie the Love Bug remake.

I'd forgotten how LOUD a THX sound system is.

I got ready to pick up our overpriced theater food, figuring I was about to hear the wailings of one terrified little boy. But instead I heard, 'CAR!!! BIG CAR!!! FUNNY!!!' and screams... of delight.

Bitty Man thought this 'big TV' was the greatest things since the vacuum cleaner. Uncle Tony will be thrilled to learn that Bitty's favorite preview was for the new Star Wars movie. (Which he will get to see when he's about 13.) And as for the feature presentation? Bitty watched all 90 minutes and when the credits were finished rolling asked, 'MORE?!?'

Bitty has now been officially sucked into the 20th Century Fox marketing machine. I imagine the Easter Bunny will be bringing a WonderBot for Bitty's basket.

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Anonymous said...

Hehe He'll soon be one with the dark side! hehe

Yea the new SW is gonna be violent PG 13 no less. hehe