Monday, June 06, 2005

By Jove, I Think He's Got It!

Conversation between Bitty and I, after watching some teenage boys ride by on their bicycles:

Bitty: "Big boys have big bikes!"
Mama: "Yes, and soon you'll be a big boy and have a bike too."
Bitty: "Bike like Ryan!" (Ryan is his little friend who has a tricycle Bitty likes to ride.)
Mama: "Oh, yeah. I guess you are big enough for a tricycle like Ryan's. Maybe you'll get a tricycle soon."
Bitty: "Grandma get present? Call Grandma get bike present?"
Mama (laughing hysterically): "YEAH! CALL GRANDMA! ASK FOR BIKE PRESENT!"
Bitty: "Ask nice. Say please Grandma."

How smart is this kid?!? Grandma, guess what's on your shopping list next time you're in town!


Anonymous said...

We'll go shopping as soon as we get there. I knew he'd want one, soon. You've taught him well. Grandma

cristie said...

lol, that's hillarious. go bitty man!