Monday, August 15, 2005

Big Mistake, Costco... HUGE!

Recently, the main topic of discussion at playgroup has been Costco's decision to stop carrying Pampers brand diapers and instead carry the *new* Costco/Kirkland brand of diapers. All of playgroup is in agreement that Kirkland just doesn't cover the mustard, so to speak.

I gave Kirkland a try, I really did. I bought a box a month ago but within 2 days of use realized they ain't no Pampers. Half the stickie tabs wouldn't stick and there were more leaks than Karl Rove's office.

So we begrudgingly bought a box of Huggies, the other brand Costco still carries. And I quickly remembered why we stopped buying Huggies two years ago. Not enough elastic at the legs and too little absorbent padding -- especially where little boys need it most.

Which forced us to do the unthinkable. This past weekend we joined Sam's Club. For one reason and none reason only -- they carry Pampers. $35 membership fee so we can purchase our diaper brand of choice. And we're not the first family from playgroup to jump ship to Sam's Club. I have yet to find one Mommy who likes the Costco brand of diapers.

So, Head Honchos at Costco, each time we go to Sam's Club for diapers is one less trip to Costco that I'll be making. We go through one box of diapers a month. Each trip to buy diapers we inevitably also buy groceries and other household goods totaling at least $100. One less trip a month, times 12 and that's a pretty big annual loss for Costco. Multiply that by all the Mommies who love their Pampers... sure hope your profit margin on those Kirkland diapers is worth it.

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cristie said...

we dont have any issues with the huggies. tony hates the tabs though. somehow he always manages to rip them off when trying to change tori's diaper.