Monday, January 16, 2006

Ten Things You Didn't Know About Bitty

1) Bitty will not go to sleep with blankets or covers on.
2) Bitty loves watching Food Network ~ especially Iron Chef.
3) Bitty got his lower 2-year molars... 2 weeks ago. He still doesn't have his top 2-year molars.
4) Bitty's newest favorite snack food is dried mangos.
5) Bitty has a real fear of smoke alarms.
6) Bitty has a birthmark on the back of his arm ~ Mama has a similar birthmark on her wrist.
7) Bitty has mastered the first level in 3-D Labyrinth (computer game).
8) Bitty can operate Tivo.
9) Bitty's favorite quiet spot is in Mommy & Daddy's walk-in closet, where he is often found 'reading' books.
10) Bitty loves Chinese food.

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