Thursday, June 29, 2006

Rain, Rain, Go Away

It's been a week of disappointments.

First, Bitty was unable to go to Vacation Bible School. We learned a week before VBS started that all students had to be potty-trained. Bitty was crushed he wouldn't be able to go to 'school' unless he stopped wearing diapers... but not crushed enough to actually stop using diapers. (And believe me, we spent the better part of last week trying to potty train!)

Then Bitty's 'Messy Madness' class at our local rec center was cancelled by the instructor after only one class. Guess the instructor didn't like having to clean up the mess left by ten 3 and 4 year olds.

Finally, Grandma and Grandpa I's summer visit had to be post-phoned due to a flooded basement in their east coast home. They hope to make it out early next week.

But on a positive note, Bitty has added Luigi and Doc to his Cars collection so the week hasn't been a total loss!


Anonymous said...

Plus, it's given us more time to visit McD's for more of those yummy (ugh) Happy Meals with cars. See ya soon.
Love, Grandma I.

Kristen said...

Poor guy. Who cancels a program with a great name like "messy madness?" That's just wrong!

cristie said...

hey bittyman! Aunt Cristie needs some pictures to hang on the new fridge when we move. Can you help me out?