Monday, September 25, 2006

Photo Blogging

Forgive me for light blogging, but Blogger has been giving me fits with lost posts and not being able to upload photos. And at almost 11 weeks pregnant, I have no patience for webpage errors! (Unsatiable cravings for Minute Maid Light Raspberry Passion fruit juice and Chinese food yes, technology that doesn't work, no.)

Itty's 10-week ultrasound. He/She is facing the camera, head on the left, with both hands and feet visible. Unlike Bitty, who was a little jumping bean at his first photo-op, Itty slept through most of the ultrasound. But the heartbeat was strong and everything looked normal.

I love this picture from Bitty's first soccer practice. (Yes, I'm officially now a minivan-driving 'Soccer Mom'.) I was so impressed with how well eight 3-year-olds followed directions and completed all the drills. Bitty's favorite part is wearing his new soccer cleats and shin guards:

Last weekend we attended a classic car show. Bitty's favorite car was not a car at all but an Army National Guard truck:

I'm going to publish this post while the Patron Saint of Blogging (St. Jerome, via The Curt Jester) is still watching over my computer!

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