Tuesday, October 10, 2006

What A Difference Two Weeks Makes

This morning's 12-week ultrasound:

My 10-week ultrasound was done at my OB's office on a machine that resembled the Apple II. Children were not allowed in the room so Daddy stayed at home with Bitty.

Today I was referred to a Maternal Fetal Medicine practice (due to my 'Advanced Maternal Age') where the ultrasound machine had to have cost more than my townhome. Both Daddy and Bitty were present and thrilled to see 'Itty' live on a 42 inch plasma screen. Itty, sensing an audience, danced and squirmed up a storm. The doctor pronounced Itty 'perfect' and upped my due-date by 3 days based on Itty's measurements.

The next ultrasound is in 6 weeks. Hopefully Itty will cooperate so we can find out if it's an Ittyboy or Ittygirl!

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