Thursday, November 09, 2006

I apologize

to anyone who was organized enough to have checked out Bitty's Christmas Wish List and already purchased the Cars DVD.

When we walked into Costco today, my Executive Membership card wasn't even back in my wallet when Bitty exclaimed, "MOM! MATER'S ON TV!'

Costco, in all their merchandising genius, had a 52 inch plasma screen with Bose surround sound set up at the entrance showing Cars. We joined the masses of Moms and preschoolers and enjoyed the tractor-tipping scene.

As I tried to move on to the medicine aisle for Gummy Vites, Bitty turned to me and with those big blue eyes near tears with excitement said, "Mom, we HAVE to bring Mater to our house! He's my bestest friend!"

Very seldom do I give in to pleas for anything other than the occasional Matchbox car from K-mart or an Elmo Cookie at the mall. (Not only to keep Bitty from materialistic overload but quite honestly due to a lack of disposable income.) But Bitty is a great kid and sometimes the budget has to be adjusted for life's little pleasures.

Daddy will be out of town this weekend performing at a jazz festival. So the three of us will be spending Friday night curled up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn enjoying Cars in widescreen - Bitty, Mater and Me.

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