Thursday, June 28, 2007

Got Books?

This is my new favorite website. No gimmicks, no spam, no advertising - just a way to swap your old books for new ones. Simply create an account and start posting the books you are willing to swap by their ISBN number (the number on the back above the bar code). You earn 3 credits for the first 9 books you post. Use the 3 credits to request your first 3 books from other members (who ship the books at no cost to you).

When another member requests one of your books, simply print out a 'wrapper', tape it around the book, put media-mail postage on it ($2.13) and send. When the member receives your book you'll earn another credit to use.

And yes, it really works. I've already shipped off one book and received another!

So clean off your bookshelf and get some new (to you) books for your summer reading pleasure! Click on the link above and you'll help me earn additional credits. Itty spends a lot of time nursing so I need more books!

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