Friday, August 01, 2008

Foto Friday

When Bitty asked me if he could make lunch today I said, "Sure! Knock yourself out!". Hey, I had nothing planned today. Cleaning the mess that would surely ensue would give us something to do for an hour afterwards.

The proud chef:

The menu: Turkey and provolone on wheat with pretzel sticks and grapes... well, at least until the chef ate all the grapes while he was 'cooking'.

Of course Ittyboy wanted in on the action:

Emerging from the pantry with his contribution to the meal, Pirate's Booty:

Most amazing, Bittyman had even put all of his ingredients away before calling Itty and me to lunch.

(Future Mrs. Bittyman, you may thank me now. I've raised your husband to cook AND clean up after himself!)

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