Friday, October 31, 2008

Foto Friday ~ Happy Halloween!

A quick picture taken yesterday before Bittyman's school Halloween party:

Ittyboy is going to be a penguin. If I can convince him to wear it. He looked adorable in the Gymboree store where I scored that costume, along with Bittyman's Knight/St. George (for tomorrow's parish All Saints Day party) ensemble, off the clearance rack. But Itty has refused to put his costume on since.

I wanted to go as Sarah Palin but I never had a chance to shop for a pair of square-rimmed glasses. Dan is going as a Green Bay Packer (i.e. he throws on his jersey and calls it a 'costume').

More pictures after trick-or-treating tonight, when I'm awake on my chocolate/caffeine buzz.


Sharon said...

Happy Halloween!
Your little man looks adorable. :) I hope he gets many good treats tonight.

Btw, our Dollar Tree has a bunch of glasses. I hope you can pick some up and still go as Palin! (and post pics, of course)

Tracy said...

Happy Halloween!!! Wonderful picture.. hope your little guys have a blast today!!