Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday Reading ~ Christmas is Coming

(A fitting post since I'll be spending 3 hours this afternoon rehearsing Christmas music with my caroling group... after I've cantored 2 Masses... want to place bets on the state of my voice Sunday night?)

Let's Go Christmas Shopping! ~ The Anchoress
Stores That Won't Use CHRISTmas In Their "Holiday" Promotions And Advertising (aka, stores that won't be getting Diva Mom's business this Christmas) ~ Cheeky Pink Girl
Official 2008 Black Friday Site
Black Friday @
Merry Tossmas! ~ via Creative Minority Report
Organized Christmas
Make-A-Flake (Game)
Turkey Shoot (Game)


Charlotte said...

Thanks for the link!

Tracy said...

Great links, thanks for sharing:)