Monday, April 27, 2009

Dear VP of Marketing for Build-A-Bear

You are welcome to use this photo of Ittyboy in your advertising. It was taken by me this past Saturday at our local Build-A-Bear store. Not only will this adorable little face undoubtedly sell thousands of your stuffed animal friends, but Itty's outfit perfectly matches your brand colors.

Itty requests for his modeling fee a Build-A-Party for himself, his big brother Bittyman, and 15 of his friends and cousins. (You're getting off cheap - only 3 of his 23 cousins will be in town anytime soon.) Each guest will receive one stuffed animal friend and complete outfit for said friend, including appropriate accessories.

For my photographer fee, I request enough Build-A-Bear staff coverage at said party so myself, my SIL and my Mom friends can go upstairs to the mall Starbucks and enjoy one hour of child-free socialization. (And if we're not at Starbucks look for us at the Chevys Fresh Mex bar.)

Diva Mom Vicki


Sharon said...

Come on, Build-a-Bear! Make this happen!
How can you resist this cutie?!

Teri said...

GREAT idea! Let us know when you hear from them. He is totally adorable.

Tracy said...

oh my goodness.. what a cutie!!!!!