Saturday, January 29, 2005

Bitty Man is Famous!

The Adventures of Bitty Man has been cited in another Mommy-Blog, K and the 3 D's: http://

Now if only I could find my digital camera, I'd take another picture of Bitty Man to post. Unfortunately I'm pretty sure where I'll find my Fuji FinePix. In the Diaper Champ, where I've recently had to dig out a cell phone and my Mac makeup brush. Sadly the Champ was emptied and the trash taken out before we realized one of the cordless phone handsets was missing.

How can such a Bitty Man have such long arms? There is no such thing as pushing an item far enough back on the counter, desk or nightstand. But on the bright side, our house is becoming increasingly de-cluttered. FlyLady would be proud.

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