Thursday, February 03, 2005

I'll Take Stupid Comments for $1000, Alex

Please choose the correct response for the following statement:

"Wow... C looks exactly like his Daddy -- and nothing like you."

A) Well, he is mine. Would you like to see my c-section scar?
B) *silence*
C) Yes, he sure is a chip off the old Wisconsin cheese block.

I get this comment weekly... daily sometimes. Now yes, it's pretty obvious that Bitty Man is a mini-Daddy. Blonde hair, blue eyes -- I still have to think through my 10th grade AP biology class genetics lesson to figure out how this is possible. (For the record, my brother has blue eyes so both my parents have the recessive blue gene and I must have gotten one of them.) And I know most people are just trying to make conversation. But it really is kinda annoying.

So if you're a fan of the Adventures of Bitty Man, please, PLEASE, don't remind me of the obvious.

And the correct answer? Depends on what kind of day I'm having. I've used them all. (Yep, even answer A. A very rude stranger did not believe that Bitty Man was my biological son, and remarked that I shouldn't be ashamed for having adopted a child. Seriously.)


Mary Kay said...

Hmm. I've always thought he was a perfect mix. I know that when I look at some of his pictures my jaw does drop to the floor because of his clone-like resemblance to his daddy. But I often think he resembles you a great deal as well - especially when he smiles. His "cheesy" grandmother has said the same. At least it's not, "He looks nothing like Dan. How'd that happen?"

Anonymous said...

This is your brother. For future referece i have GREEN eyes! lol
And i can see some of you in him. I think the chin and nose.

Dont feel bad Tori has light brown hair and blue eyes. But I see my nose and dimples in her.

Dee said...

As Bitty Man grows, I see more of his Mommy every day. I have a friend who had a blue eyed child but she and her husband both have brown eyes (those recessive genes you know). She shut up all the teasing neighbors by remarking that all of their husbands had blue eyes....hummmmm!!

Ann Ross-Clarke said...

First of all, I am so impressed that you write this blog! Secondly I can't believe someone would assume and then TELL you that you adopted Christopher! (Was she a sweat pant nazi? I'm stealing that term from Dan. There are tons of them in LA and their sweat pants are designer brands!) I think Christopher is a real mix of the two of you, plus many kids don't look like their parents.