Friday, March 09, 2007

Who is the Patron Saint of Ear Infections?

Daddy is out of town performing at a jazz festival so of course Bittyman woke up this morning and exclaimed, "My ear is on fire!" After a quick tug on his left lobe (and a yelp in response) I immediately called our fantastic pediatrician who saw Bitty just a few hours later.

While I was not surprised to learn Bitty did indeed have an ear infection (as we've all been coughing and sneezing with allergies ever since spring sprang in our part of the world last weekend), I was shocked to learn he is now 42 inches tall and 38 pounds. That's a gain of 4 pounds and 2 inches since our last infectious visit to the doctor in December! Holy growth spurt!

Bittyman is feeling pretty well, all things considered. Of course the Happy Meal dinner and picking out a new toy while waiting for his prescription to be filled helped soothe his ear ache. (As a 34-week-pregnant single parent, I'm quite the pushover!)

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Grandpa Ellis said...

Saint Blase and Sister Saint Unger.
Better late than never.