Thursday, August 30, 2007

Foto Friday

No new photo, but an explanation of the photos posted on Wordless Wednesday.

About a month ago, when we walked into our local Super Wal-Mart,we were accosted stopped by a woman gushing over my gorgeous boys. She was,of course, an employee of their portrait studio.

She peeked my interest with the teaser "$5.88 for 35 Photos" package. Ittyboy was in a good mood and he hadn't had any professional pictures taken yet so I bit.

The catch was the $5.88 package only applied to the first picture shot. Although I was hoping to catch one of Itty's trademark open-mouth smiles, I was still thrilled with the top picture.

The picture of me holding Itty above my head? Totally candid. Had I known I was going to be photographed I would have run a brush through my hair, but I love Itty's huge grin as he grabbed my shirt. The photographer was so happy with the shot she gave me a free sheet in exchange for permission to use it in her portfolio.

And the final photo speaks for itself. Men will only pose for pictures for so long! (But the look on Bittyman's face as he tries to hold his squirmy brother and cheese it up is priceless!)

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