Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lent Laughter

Scarfed down a Big Mac last Friday? Slept through daily Mass? Jumped into message board drama when you were giving up the internet? Missed your Holy Hour? Heck, Lent snuck up on you and you haven't even figured out what you're doing to increase your prayer, sacrifice and almsgiving?*

As the songs go, be not afraid... we've only just begun.

Take a moment to enjoy these light-hearted looks at Lent from around the Catholic blogosphere:

The Curt Jester: L-Mart 2008

Alive and Young: Angelic Conversation

Kansas City Catholic - Lenten Fare 2008

Now that you do not look gloomy, go and blow Lent no more!

* Real 'I already blew Lent' confessions from a few of my Catholic friends... and me! And for the person still blindsided by the change of liturgical seasons, here's 25 Great Things You Can Do For Lent from Busted Halo.

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