Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy 15 Months, Ittyboy!

At 15 months, Ittyboy:

  • Says two-word phrases, "Up, Mama!" and "Bye, Daddy!"
  • Runs. Often chasing his big brother.
  • Can crawl up all stairs, fireplace hearths and ottomans.
  • Could open the refrigerator and oven (until we put on childproof locks).
  • Pulled down several vertical blinds covering the sliding glass door. (I wanted curtains anyway.)
  • Says "Hi!" to every person he sees.
  • Has 4 upper and two lower teeth.
  • Loves to watch the "birdies" out the window.
  • Uses a spoon and fork.
  • Drinks from a cup.
  • Dips whatever he's eating in the dip du jour.
  • Dusts and wipes the floor with a towel.
  • 'Reads' books.
  • Had his first hair cut this week - while he was asleep!
  • Nurses at naptime and bedtime (and brings his Boppy pillow to me when he wants to nurse).
  • Picks up toys and puts them in his toy basket when asked.
  • Vocabulary consists of: Daddy, Mama, Up, Bye, Hi, Alleluia, Birdie, Hot, Eye, Goggle, Hug, Luv and Ya-Ya-Yer (for his brother).
  • Makes the first two parts of the sign of the cross and prayer hands.
  • Finishes the musical phrase, "Here I come to save the..." with a big, "DAAAY!"
  • Hasn't gone a week without some bruise, bump or scrape. All boy.
(I'll be adding to this list throughout the day. Diva Mom is suffering from a cold/flu/hopefully not strep throat thing and currently has medicine head.)


Tracy said...

Awwww.. what a wonderful picture of your sweet little guy!!

Fr. Erik Richtsteig said...

There's trouble! Happy Birthday.

Sharon said...

Happy 15 months! Adorable picture. :)
Nice list, too. He seems quite smart.

I want to add that I'm slightly relieved to read he still nurses. So does Brennan-nap & bed. At 15 months, though, some people are expressing their "concern". :(

Diva Mom Vicki said...

Bittyman didn't stop nursing until we, literally, bribed him with a 'No More Nay-Nay Day!' party... at 28 months! It took a Thomas the Train set to wean that kid!