Friday, November 12, 2004

Scary smart.

So, Dan and I are lounging on the couch last night, enjoying Must-See-TV. Christopher is happily playing on the floor with his Peek-a-blocks train. Dan turns to me and says, 'Don't forget to do your picks' and I reply, 'Right.'

('Your picks' is the Pick-the-Pros Football contest at Coast Resorts. Each week we have to pick the winners of every football game. Best scores each week and at the end of the season win big bucks.)

We go back to staring at the TV and notice Bitty Man has left the room... and we don't hear anything (never a good sign with a toddler). So I call out, "Hey, Christopher -- What'cha doing?!?'

Christopher walks back into the livingroom, holding the cards that we fill out for the Pick the Pros contest and hands them to us.

So, from the statement, 'Don't forget to do your picks' he:
1) Understood that we were discussing the Pick the Pros contest.
2) Knew that we had to fill out cards to play the Pick the Pros contest.
3) Remembered that the cards were sitting on the dining room table.
4) Was thoughtful enough to bring the cards to us, without being asked.

(Did I mention Bitty Man is only 17 months old?) After Dan and I picked our jaws up off the floor, we sighed at the realization that having a kid smarter than we are is going to be quite a challenge!

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grandmaeye said...

That's my boy.