Monday, November 08, 2004

What's in the water?

I went to a baby shower - my first, actually - on Saturday. It was so nice to sit around with my Gym Posse Mom friends without the toddler tornados in tow. We could actually finish a whole conversation and eat an entire meal.

But I soon discovered that as a non-pregnant woman, I was definitely in the minority. Of the 10 married women of child-bearing age who were in attendance, 7 of them were pregnant! Ranging from 6 weeks to a gal who was due in 2 days with twins. (How the hell she was able to drive was beyond me and the laws of physics.)

I have to admit, I was a bit jealous. My baby is no longer a baby and I miss that. The little helpless newborn who would let me hold him for hours on end. The only time I get to hold Bitty Man is when he wants the 'lunchie munchies' or when he's gotten a boo-boo.

But before you get excited, Grandma, our current health insurance does not have maternity coverage -- and I haven't seen any copies of Cesarean Sections for Dummies at Barnes & Nobel -- so I'll just have to enjoy all of my friends newborns for a while. And from the looks of things on Saturday, there will be plenty to enjoy!

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