Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Bitty Man had to make an unexpected trip to the doctor's yesterday. He's fine, now that he's on antibiotics. What was much more disturbing than Bitty's infection was learning that his pediatrician had moved to Oregon so we'd be seeing another ped in the practice.

We lucked out with our original ped, Dr. P. The nurse who taught our childbirth class recommended him and boy was she right on. Dr. P. was amazing -- A D.O. who supported attachment parenting, didn't push unnecessary drugs, and had several young children of his own.

The doctor we saw yesterday we'd also seen on one other occasion. I have no doubt he's a brilliant medical doctor. But he doesn't have much of a connection with kids -- not a good thing if you are a pediatrician.

But on the other hand, he does have really good toys in his waiting room. An important factor to consider when choosing your child's doctor.

In the meantime Bitty will be just fine.

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