Wednesday, April 13, 2005

They Say It's Your Birthday

Let the countdown begin. One month until Bitty Man is 2 years old. Momma is not on the ball this year. This time last year I had already created Elmo invitations on the computer, ordered all the Elmo party supplies and had downloaded a recipe for dairy-free birthday cake.

As of today we still haven't decided if we're having a party at our house, doing Chuck-E-Cheese, going to the beach for the weekend (sounds good to Momma and Daddy) or doing a simple family day. But the challenge is that most of Bitty's friends were also born in May so weekend party dates are filling up quickly.

For those of you who have already e-mailed looking for gift ideas:
CLOTHES -- Currently Bitty is wearing shirts size 2T, shorts size 24 months, pjs size 2T, shoes size 6. (Or bigger if you'd like to buy for fall/winter.)
ANYTHING WITH WHEELS -- Currently Bitty's favorite toys are his Matchbox cars, Thomas the Trains, Megablock cars and trains, Tonka trucks, and Little People cars.

Momma and Daddy are going to spend the next month trying to figure out, in the words of a kinda famous tune, 'where did the time go?'

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cristie said...

we have thomas the train stuff for him. will probably pick up some less fun clothes to send for him too.