Friday, April 08, 2005

White Bittys CAN Jump

For the past month, when you ask Bitty Man want he wants to do today, the answer is always the same:

"Play baskeet-ball?!?"

We have no idea where this obsession came from. We are a football family. (There was a time, pre-Bitty, that Daddy was into the Lakers, but he hasn't watched a game since the team went downhill.) So I was very surprised when one day at the park Bitty asked if he could 'play baskeet-ball?'

I grabbed the Old Navy soccer ball out of the trunk of my car and we proceeded to play basketball. By playing, I mean Momma attempts to shoot baskets, Bitty laughs hysterically and chases the ball as it soars off the court.

Last week while Momma and Bitty were at Gymboree Clothing checking out the 70% off sale, the manager was kind enough to give Bitty a soccer ball sticker. But since he's been playing basketball with the Old Navy soccer ball, he kept referring to the sticker as a 'baskeet-ball' -- leaving the Gymboree manager to inquire if Bitty was color blind. So to save further embarrassment, we broke down and purchased a junior-sized authentic basketball.

We took our new ball to the park today and enjoyed the 78F sunshine. Bitty did less chasing and more clapping. Turns out it's much easier for Momma to make baskets with an authentic basketball!

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