Friday, April 13, 2007

And Wait...

This morning I returned to my OB's to have my blood pressure re-checked and it's even higher than yesterday (148/98 for those interested). I was immediately sent across the street to the hospital where Bitty was delivered for a fetal assessment. After 30 minutes on a monitor and an ultrasound, Itty is declared to be absolutely perfect. He's even practicing 'breathing', which is only done by a small percentage of babies while in the womb. So he's just fine and ready to come out at any time.

My blood pressure lowered to 130/85 while I was there, about what it was yesterday. Higher than my normal 120/75 but not dangerous.

The Fetal Assessment nurse's recommendation to my OB was that I stay on 'house rest' for the weekend and have the scheduled c-section Tuesday morning. My OB was in surgery at the time of my assessment so I'm now back home waiting for her to call.

I'm still having random contractions... or my water could break... or the phone could ring and my OB might tell me to meet her at the hospital in 2 hours...

Have I ever mentioned that I am a fairly impatient woman who likes to be in control of most situations? This week has been a real test for me!

In the meantime I veg on the computer, playing with my new baby gift that just arrived from Uncle Tony, Aunt Cristie, Ev and Tori. Thanks, guys, you really shouldn't have! (But sooo excited you did!)

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