Monday, January 07, 2008

Listen to the Music

It's amazing what a multi-tasking Diva Mom can accomplish while nursing at the keyboard. For your enjoyment I've added a playlist - a fitting theme song and some family favorites.

Care to guess which song sends Itty into head-banging mode? (Must upload video of Itty rockin' out to tunes! It's HILARIOUS!) Or Bitty's two favorites? Turtle Wax and Rice-A-Roni for the winner! (The playlist is located in the sidebar under 'Cool Stuff'.)

Itty, at 8 1/2 months, is officially crawling as of this past weekend. This means two things:

  1. Notice to our guests, no shoes in the house as I can only vacuum and Swiffer Wet so many times in a day. The floor is Itty's personal all-you-can-find buffet.
  2. Blogging may be light as my computer time is limited to NAK sessions and late at night when I really should be sleeping but instead seize some Diva Mom time when all three Heroes are asleep!


Andrea said...

Cute blog! I will have to come back for more! Fellow Blogger. Andrea

Sharon said...

I hear ya! With Brennan crawling I don't know why I bother to put the vac. away. lol

Now I'm off to watch the video clip you posted. :)