Monday, January 21, 2008

Preach the Gospel Always - If Necessary, Use Pictures

Bittyman's 10 Week Ultrasound:

Ittyboy's 12 Week Ultrasound:

Bitty & Itty Today:


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures, Vicki!!!

Our Priest is leading the parade to the state capital tomorrow. I wish I could be there. I also like your "No for Rudy" button!

I don't really care about many issues except for pro life. I will NOT vote for anyone who is not pro life!


Kate said...

Priceless pictures, Vicki.

Tracy said...

Awesome!! I too am always amazed to think how tiny my kids looked on the ultra sounds ( I had mine at 12 or 13 weeks) with my first born, who is now 14 yrs old, I saw her moving around on that ultrasound and I said to my hubby "how can anyone say that life does not begin at conception"? And I still feel that way!
Great post!!

Esther said...

Beautiful Vicki! Lovely blog! I will be adding you to my blogroll.
God bless,

meddlingkidd said...

Awww, that pic of Itty and Bitty brings tears to my eyes! So CUTE!


Sharon said...

What an excellent post! Beautiful pics, Vicki. They gave me goosebumps. Great testimony here.