Saturday, April 19, 2008


At one year, Itty:

  • Cruises the furniture like lightening and occasionally stands on his own (without realizing it)
  • Walks while pushing his new Elmo Ride-On
  • Says 'Dada', 'Mama', 'Lite', 'Bye' and 'Hel-Low'
  • Does baby signs for 'Up', 'Milk', 'Drink' and 'Please'
  • Shakes his head 'No' and 'Yes'
  • Holds his hand or his Elmo phone to his ear and says, 'HEL-LOW!'
  • Knows it's his 'job' to push the button that closes the garage door after we exit the minivan
  • Follows simple directions like, 'close the door' and 'back up'
  • Turns on the tears as soon as he sees Dan putting on his tie - He knows it means Daddy is leaving for work soon
  • Plays with his favorite toys - this, this and this
  • Throws down is favorite foods in spite of still only having one tooth - brats, grapes, olives and french fries
  • Still nurses

(More as I think of them!)

We're still celebrating Itty's First Birthday. Dan had night gigs Thursday, Friday and again tonight, and is gone today taking the Fourth Degree with the Knights of Columbus, so we're going to have Itty's official Elmo-themed party tomorrow afternoon. But Itty's been opening presents since Thursday, since he's received so many from his generous family and friends!

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