Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday Musings

I remember vividly seeing Pope John Paul II riding in his popemobile when he visited Washington DC in 1979. If the Heroes had been a bit older or we had any chance of getting tickets to Thursday's Mass at Nationals Park celebrated by Pope Benedict, we would have headed back to Grandma and Grandpa I's (who still live in my hometown of Falls Church, VA) for a visit. Instead we'll watch the coverage on EWTN and I'll be following all the Catholic bloggers online. Aggie Catholics has a great list of links on Pope Benedict's USA trip.

Dan has been off work since last Wednesday as his jazz band was preempted for other entertainment during his hotel's annual Rockabilly convention. We took the opportunity to get out of town for a few days. The highlights of the trip: For Bittyman, the arcade. For Diva Mom, the restaurants and maid service. For Dan, turning off his cell phone. For Ittyboy, the constant attention from his three favorite people... and the McDonald's french fries.

It's with a heavy sigh that on today's agenda is switching Ittyboy's carrier car seat for the toddler seat. He's still under the carrier weight limit of 20 pounds but he's been over the height limit for more time than I care to admit in print lest CPS reads my blog. I've been clinging to the convenience of the carrier and the ability to move a sleeping Itty. But at least now I can put the heavy travel system stroller in storage and use our Graco MetroLite .

Look for more foto flashbacks this week as I countdown to Itty's first birthday on Thursday! (But shhh, don't tell Itty, because Daddy has gigs Thursday-Saturday night we'll be celebrating Itty's birthday next Sunday!)


Tracy said...

It's hard to let go of those little things, I know when we packed away the crib I was a wreck, ha!

Anonymous said...

Heh Vinny switched over to the new car seat last week. Lol

Cristie said...

I had no choice but to move V to a convertible car seat. I could not extend the straps on his infant seat any further and he was getting squished by it. 20+lbs plus the weight of the carrier = my totally buff arms.. and aching back.

Wish we could be there to help celebrate itty's big ONE!