Monday, May 05, 2008

Monday Musings

Bittyman has a 'super silver spacer' in place of his 'super silver tooth' (which is now enshrined in an orange plastic case). To reward our young Hero for his bravery, Daddy took him to kmart to pick out a toy of his choice. The winner:

(You know you're old when the toys you played with as a child are now considered 'retro' and 'classic'.)

Even Ittyboy got in on the action:

Place your bets. When do you think Ittyboy will be walking? As of this weekend his favorite pastime is standing on his own. Last night I snapped this shot:

Moments later he took 2 steps on his own, his longest solo journey to date. But Itty is also suffering through tooth issues, with 3 more little white chicklets about to pop through. On my to-do list today is a trip to Walgreens for more infant Motrin. The littlest hero is miserable. (Unless he's standing on his own, then he's beaming with pride!)

Busy week ahead. It's Bitty's final week of preschool with 'graduation' on Friday, cap & gown and all. It's also Dan's final week in the lounge at the hotel where his band performs full-time. After a week hiatus (fancy word for unpaid time off) they will reopen in the hotel's newly remodeled showroom on Monday May 19 at noon. For those of you local, try and stop by to show your support. It was stressful for a few weeks as we waited to learn if the band would receive another contract since their lounge is being turned into a T.G.I.Friday's. But with more than 10 years tenure, the band indeed will play on.

And of course, Sunday is Mother's Day. Dan braved the mall with the Heroes last Saturday. I'm sure that was entertaining but they all returned safe and sound, if slightly jacked up on too many Mrs. Field's cookies. So after I've cantored two Masses I'll be looking forward to... whatever they have planned! As long as it doesn't require me to cook and includes something chocolate-covered I'll love whatever the day brings. I'll be spending it with my three favorite men.

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Tracy said...

I say itty will be walking within a week if not two at the most!
Cute pictures!!