Tuesday, May 06, 2008

One Year Ago Today

Ittyboy's Baptism ~ May 6, 2007

I can hardly believe the itty baby in Fr. Phil's arms is our Ittyboy. Heck, Bittyman looks so, well, bitty too!

Fr. Phil often reminds Dan and me that life is a journey - and the journey is a gift from Him. But for me, the journey is racing by too quickly. Bittyman turns five a week from today and my newborn is already one. I wish I could apply the brakes but since stopping is not on the itinerary, I'm trying to embrace every minute of the journey. (Including all the exhausting, frustrating and stressful potholes that are part of the road!)

And speaking of journeys, last night we were all in the living room helping Ittyboy practice 'walkie-walkies'. Dan and I sat a few feet apart and tried to coax Itty to walk between us. Our little Hero would take a step or two then fall. Over and over again.

Well Bittyman wanted in on the action so he commanded, "Itty, come walkie-walkie to me!"

Ittyboy turned towards his big brother, who was standing on the other side of the room, and gleefully took off towards him - 9 steps - only falling when the screams of excitement coming from the rest of us overwhelmed him. But Itty immediately sat up, clapped for himself, then reached out for Bitty's hands.

I was instantly reminded of one of my favorite quotes from Pope John Paul II: "The greatest gift you can give your child is another sibling." What a gift these two have in each other and it's already so apparent!

(I'll be sure to remind them of this Hallmark moment when, in a few years, they are inevitably beating the crud outta each other!)


Tom in Vegas said...

Your last sentence made me laugh! It's nice to see brothers close to each other. Despite the occasional flare-ups, it should last a lifetime.

Maybe Bittyboy and Ittyman can reflect on a part of their childhood as they grow up by looking at what is chronicled in your blog

Kate said...

I agree with Tom. I think your boys will appreciate your blog one day; to look back and see how life was 'back then'. I hope it makes them smile. These are the good times.