Monday, June 02, 2008

Monday Musings

How the heck did it get to be June? But since June is busting out all over (sorry for the earworm), just a not-so-subtle reminder that my birthday is TWO WEEKS FROM TOMORROW! Please feel free to use the PayPal donation button and contribute to my coffee fund - which is going to be depleted much quicker now that a Dunkin' Donuts with a drive-thru window is opening one mile from our house. Or click on one of my Wish List items from Amazon. iTunes gift cards work too. (Shameless, aren't I?)

For the past two weeks Dan has taught his morning private piano students, performed his regular daytime gig then immediately went to a nighttime lounge gig that got him home around 3am. Which will explain why blogging has been light of late. I've basically been a single parent while Dan went above and beyond to bring home the bacon.

Bittyman has a fun summer ahead of him. Vacation Bible School for a week in June, Space Daycamp for a week in July and swim lessons for 2 weeks in August. Just enough to keep him occupied (and give Mom a few breaks) but not so over-scheduled that we're spending all summer in the car.

Ittyboy is now a champion walker and is sporting two teeth on the bottom and four slivers of white on the top. He has also added the word 'Alleluia' to his vocabulary. Yep. The kid sings along to the Alleluia chorus. If I can ever get it on video he'll have college paid for from the 'America's Funniest Home Video' winnings.

Let me give a HUGE plug for Crossroads - a peaceful, prayerful organization dedicated helping bring about a Culture of Life in our country. These pro-life young men and women are walking across the country, from the West Coast to Washington, DC, over the summer. Several members spoke at the parishes in our diocese this past weekend and I was just amazed at their courage and strength of conviction.

Also, my friend Jen at Cead Mile Failte, entered a photo she took in the 'The Kid in You' photo contest at 5 Minutes for Mom. Do me a favor and surf over and vote for her so she can win a Wii!

The boys are tucked in for the night so it's time to join Dan for the season finale of LOST. (What did we do before Tivo?)

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Tracy said...

I have been asking myself how we are already in June as well.. time is flying too fast!!