Tuesday, June 17, 2008

They Say It's My Birthday!

So let the well-wishes in the Comment Box ensue! And thanks for all the iTunes and coffee gift cards (see, ask and you shall receive), ecards and facebook wall posts! (If you're on facebook let me know so I can 'friend' you - darn, that site is addictive.)

And since it's my day, pictures of ME! My favorite Diva photo (taken during the Broadway show on the Carnival Fantasy cruise ship, where I met Dan):

And my favorite Mom photo:

How old am I today? Well, let's check with Bittyman, shall we?

"Mom, how old are you now?"
"THIRTY-NINE?!? Wow! That's almost 90! And 90 is... that's almost a GOOGLE!"

Apparently I'm 1 followed by one hundred zeros old.


Esther said...

Happy Birthday Vicki!!

Tracy said...

Happy Birthday Vicki!!!
Please click on my profile and add my new blog address, got rid of my old blog:)

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY VICKI!!!! Hope you have a wonderful birthday celebrating the awesome woman that you are!