Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sick Cleaning

More thorough than Spring Cleaning is Sick Cleaning.

It's fueled by a Mom's genetic predisposition to disinfect after her home has been invaded by any virus. In this case, the 'Vacation Bible School Stomach Bug' which sadly hit Bittyman while he was having a slumber party at Grandma and Grandpa's last Friday night.

(So, Lord, what's up with that? I send my kid to sing your praises for a week and he ends up praying to the porcelain god all weekend!)

By Monday afternoon Diva Mom was infected and not long after, Ittyboy. (Daddy managed to dodge the invasion.) Nasty little bugger even made it half-way across the country to my friend K's house.

Yesterday every sheet, blanket, towel and throw rug was washed in hot water. Any surface that could have possibly been touched by a germy Hero hand was scoured with Lysol Disinfecting Wipes and/or bleach. (Not sure why I thought the ceiling fan and the decorative items from Pier 1 and my Waterford crystal displayed on top of my kitchen cabinets fell into that category but I was on a roll.) Stuffed animals enjoyed a tumble in the dryer. (Like that kills germs? But they smell cleaner. I don't dare wash loveys after the infamous 'WHITE KITTY WAS DROWNED!' incident of 2006.) Plastic toys all soaked in the sink.

Today everyone is bug-free. (Or just so stir-crazy from 3 days of quarantine that we're faking it so we can hit the pool.) Plus my house is spotless and I've lost 3 pounds - the silver lining to this queasy week.


K said...

Glad to hear you are all feeling better! It never hurts to disinfect the ceiling fan... : )

I do the same thing whenever illness hits. As if cleaning will make us immune????

Tracy said...

Glad to hear your all feeling better, that just seems utterly unfair to send ones child to bible school and that child gets sick.. :(