Monday, September 15, 2008

The Simple Woman

I've seen this on several blogs and it looked like a good way to start the week.

~The Simple Woman~

For Today...

Outside my Window... blazing hot sun. Will fall ever arrive?

I am thinking..."Is my coffee done yet?"

I am thankful for... Mr. Coffee, whoever he is.

From the kitchen... planning a run to Fresh & Easy after dropping Bittyman at school. The fridge is bare!

I am wearing... denim capris and an Old Navy polo shirt.

I am reading... St. Paul: Jubilee Year of the Apostle Paul Edition: A Bible Study for Catholics

I am hoping... it cools down soon so we can start walking to school instead of driving.

I am creating... a pile of items to put on eBay.

I am hearing... sniffles from Ittboy. Not sure if it's due to the 4 molars he's got coming in or allergies.

Around the house... Mondays are my general cleaning day, a la FlyLady.

One of my favorite things... relaxing with my three Heroes on Sunday afternoons.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... visiting with Grandma and Grandpa I. after they arrive tomorrow, a trip to Costco, continue my quest to find a Black Spiderman costume for Ittyboy (to go with Bitty's Red Spiderman costume), meeting our playgroup at a concert Friday night.

Here are two picture thoughts I am sharing with you...


Tracy said...

yay... so fun to see your answers:)

Anonymous said...

I hope you saved some of those cookies for Grandma and Grandpa I. See ya soon.

Sharon said...

Bittyman looks so grown up!
It was fun reading this post.
Hope you're doing well!

Chez Nous said...

I really enjoyed reading your Daybook. Your children are beautiful and I love the reasons you blog in your intro - hilarious!

Have a great week!

Tom in Vegas said...

WOW! Kids in the kitchen. You must really be brave! LOL.

Is that a chef-in-the-making in that second pick? Bittyman looks like he's ready to embark on a dazzling culinary exploit.

Amy said...

Why is it that kids and food make such great pics?! Darling...