Tuesday, December 16, 2008

For Your Listening Pleasure

In case you haven't seen this as it's circulated around the internet. Best version of the 12 Days of Christmas EVER.
UPDATE: Thanks to the popularity of this clip on YouTube, these guys got a record deal!

And, a great video of classic Christmas movies set to one of my favorite secular Christmas tunes (pause the Playlist player in the sidebar first):


Teri said...

LOVED those! Especially the first one. Joe watched it with me and we both laughed.

Tracy said...

These are great!!! Thanks so much for sharing.. I love "Love Actually"

btw.. an award is awaiting you:)

Drake said...

Hey Vicki,
yes I do remember you. If you get this message, thank you for the comment, support & prayers. Merry Christmas!!!
PFC Drake M DeLucca