Saturday, December 06, 2008

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

A tradition we've embraced from Dan's childhood is celebrating the feast of St. Nicholas. The Bishop of Myra came on the eve of his Feast Day and filled our stockings with animal crackers, M&M's, WALL-E book & ornament, camouflage gloves & wallet, the Josh Grobin Noel CD and a Hickory Farms beef stick among our numerous goodies!


Tracy said...

awwww.. how darling!!
Happy St. Nicholas day to you as well:)

Amy said...

St. Nick visited our house too. Except that I had to help him fill the shoes and Charlie woke up and caught me in the act, even though it was 1:30am. Oh well...

At our house, he left books, a CD, a DVD, ornaments and of course, CANDY!