Monday, December 01, 2008

Monday Meme

Tracy has tagged me in the 'Six Things That Make Me Happy' meme.

According to the rules, I have to post six things that make me really happy... and pass it on to give six more people a reason to be thankful!

So six things that make me happy...
1) 'White Trailer Trash Thanksgiving' with fabulous friends, delicious food & libations and everyone playing Wii bowling!
2) Our Christmas lights. They are beautiful, numerous and took Dan 5 hours to put up with 'help' from the Heroes.
3) The sound of Bittyman singing descant to 'Do You Hear What I Hear'.
4) Finding in our storage space (while pulling out the Christmas decorations) a Rubbermaid bin filled with winter clothes in Ittyboy's size!
5) Needing dressy winter outfits to wear while cantoring and scoring at Kohl's two skirts, a shirt and a jacket for $51! (Plus I received a $10 Kohl's giftcard back!)
6) Coffee with Coffee-Mate Festive Flavors creamer. (Too bad I'm out of coffee this morning. Diet Dr. Pepper just ain't cutting it.)

Now I need to choose six other blog friends... in no particular order... (does Samantha on DWTS bug anyone else as much as she annoys the living crap outta me? Someone get her a Fatburger and a Thesaurus. I have to mute her when she speaks... but I digress):
Sharon (Who reminded me that The Grinch is on tonight - Thanks!)
K (Who probably won't participate 'cause her husband is out of the country this week, but I'm thinking of ya!)
Becki (Who can participate while NAK her newborn, Grace! Check out her blog for pics!)
Grandmai (Who doesn't blog but can post participate by posting her answers in a Note on facebook, hint, hint!)


Teri said...

Alright, I'll go for it!
Who is Samantha on DWTS? What's DWTS? Dying to know...

Anonymous said...

When I figure out how to do that, I'll post a note. Still looking for Mobwars members.

Diva Mom Vicki said...

DWTS is Dancing With The Stars (which ended last week, sadly, with NFL star Warren Sapp losing to the Sports Illustrated model). Samantha (I think that's her name) is the air headed, anorexic co-host.

Something very disconcerting about a Grandmother looking for members for her Mob... LOL!

Sharon said...

Thanks for the tag. And YES, Samantha drives me batty w/ the "in no particular order" thing. Agh!
I'll have to post this tomorrow.
Have a good one!

Tracy said...

man, you are soooo good at these.. it is always a blast to find out what you will write.. thanks so much for playing:)