Monday, May 16, 2005

Birthday Wrap-up

My livingroom looks like a Toys R Us clearance aisle. My fridge is sagging under the weight of leftover Chuck E Cheese pizza and Hot Wheels cake. But Bitty had a wonderful birthday weekend, thanks to all of his family and friends who made it so special.

I've been asked to post more birthday pics, but I don't have many to post. I do have 2 hours worth of video if you're in the neighborhood. Just call before you arrive -- I'll have to clear a path in the toys from the front door to the livingroom couch.

Funniest Present: DARTH TATER (Mr. Potato head turns to the Dark Side.)
Best Educational Present: LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Magnetic Letter Set (Christopher has mastered all 26 letters in the past 2 days.)
Loudest Present: TIE - 'Elmo Loves You' doll and Musical Drum Set (Both from Grandma and Grandpa I... who are obviously exacting their revenge for my childhood indiscretions!)
Best Present: All the clothes, books, and contributions to Bitty's college fund. (Well, at least the best presents in Mama's opinion. Bitty would beg to differ.)

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