Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Excuses, Excuses

Sorry, Bitty Man fans. Not doing a bang-up job keeping my blog up-to-date. Been a busy week. Bitty had his well-baby check which went very well. All systems a go. Except he got a Hep A vaccination then had a reaction to it 3 days later. So we spent the weekend trying to bring down a high fever. Hours after the fever finally broke, we discovered 2-year molars are coming in, which are also no fun for Bitty. Add in temperatures over 100F and you've got a tired, cranky family.

Oh, and Daddy has been working 15 hour days the past 2 weeks between sessions in the studio mixing the band's new CD, his daytime gig and an evening gig.

At least our community pool will FINALLY be open on Friday. I see a lot of lazy days at the pool ahead of us.

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