Thursday, July 14, 2005

I'm sorry.


Seriously. That was the carmometer temperature this afternoon.

I did finally figure out how to change the 'cool car' computer display from the temperature reading to the clock... but it's kinda like driving by an accident. You can't help but look. 116F... 119F... 123F.

I hereby apologize to all my friends and family in Virginia, for all the times I gloated last January when you were under several inches of snow while I enjoyed highs in the 50's. And to those of you in the mid-west, who I teased unmercifully when you were digging out from under a foot of snow while I sported shorts last March, my sincere regrets.

So please, accept my apologies... and make it stop!

1 comment:

cristie said...

see.. that's what you get! it's going up to a whopping 85 here today