Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Random Blogging

  • Our heat wave has finally broken... if you call highs in the low 100F's 'broken', which we do after record-breaking highs near 120F. It's still too darn hot to even go to the swimming pool during the afternoon, but at least Mama is no longer having constant headaches and nausea. So I can return to my regularly scheduled blogging.
  • Bitty Man is going through a crazy growth spurt. He has grown 2 inches in the past 8 weeks. To put that in perspective, he only grew 1/2 inch from January to May of this year. Which has led to our newest problem -- none of his clothes fit. Everything I purchased in April and that he received for his birthday in May is too small. So the dilemma becomes how much money to spend on new summer clothing that fits, knowing that I've already blown the summer clothing budget and that I'll be needing to buy fall clothes soon. (OK, fall comes to these parts around October so maybe not that soon.) Methinks I'll be searching for NWT 3T Boy on eBay.
  • Bitty's repertoire now includes 'Hail to the Redskins!'. We've been practicing for the upcoming NFL season -- made even more exciting by the recent purchase of 3 tickets to a Redskins game later this fall! This will be both Bitty AND Mamma's first live 'Skins game!

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cristie said...

heat: and who was it that was rubbing it in over winter about their temps? hrm.. we had a heat index of about 115 here a few days ago - misery.

clothes: i'm buying tori 3t tops and 2t bottms still. she's 31lbs 13oz as of Wednesday, btw

football: COOL!