Friday, July 01, 2005

Time for a revolution!

Why isn't there rioting in the street? Have you people SEEN how expensive gas is?

Yesterday I put gas in our new Town & Country for the first time. 22 gallon tank, multiplied by regular unleaded at $2.34/gallon (Costco price no less) equals WAAAY too much dough! I know it wasn't this bad last week when I filled up the 10-gallon tank of our Nissan Altima, and it was even less the last time I filled up our Mazda protege... at least I don't think so...

This is crazy! $50 to fill up my car with gas? Somebody DO something about this! Can't we drill for oil in Alaska? (Oh, don't whine, Alaskans. It could be worse. The government could be getting ready to store nuclear waste in your state instead.) Can't those Saudis pump out some more crude oil?

But what great timing. Isn't' this what July 4th weekend is all about? My right to drive a gas-guzzling car without breaking the bank?

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