Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Holy Week Happiness Is...

finding these shoes at Marshall's for $39!

Ever since I broke my left 1st metatarsal sesamoid (ball of the foot) clean in half while dancing in a show on a not-so-Fun-Ship, I'm very particular about the shoes I wear. (The bone did not fuse back together and I was left with a joint - which doesn't take kindly to high heels or flats without extra thick cushioning.)

Clarks are one of the brands that I can count on for an ibuprofen-free day. The Easter Bunny came early for Diva Mom.

(But Bunny, please don't forget to bring a few Cadbury Creme Eggs on Sunday!)


Tom in Vegas said...

Sorry to hear about your fracture. It sounds quite painful!

As for the know, I don't wear high heels either. LOL! Sorry. Couldn't resist. I have a notorious sense of humor:0)

When I'm at the gym doing the treadmill thing, my knees sometimes give me a bit of a hard time. If I wake up like that in the mornings, ibuprofen becomes my breakfast. Just take as needed, per Doc.

Anyway, I hope you, the hubby and the boys are having a safe, blessed and peaceful Holy Week!!

God bless you all.

Tom in Vegas said...

BTW, I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again: I LOVE the images of Bittyman and Ittyboy. Just fantastic! Someone should really do a cartoon series based on these two caped-crusaders for Saturday morning tv:0)

LOL :-)

Diva Mom Vicki said...

The gal who designed my blog is just awesome. My only direction was I wanted a comic-book theme and this is the result! I actually won my template in a contest she hosted. She's listed on the sidebar under 'Splat Designs'. I'm going to have the header printed and framed for the boys room.

Tracy said...

I LOVE my clarks too!!!

Anonymous said...

Would you believe I almost bought that same pair at Macy's? I was still thinking about them, but guess now I'll just borrow yours. ;-0