Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Recipe for a Perfect Day

Sunny, high of 78F.
Meeting a Mom friend and her kiddos at the park for 2 hours of fun in the sun.
Heading to the mall and finding perfect matching Easter outfits for the Heroes at 40% off.
Arriving home to discover that Daddy has done something he's never done in 10 years - called in a sub to his daytime gig so he could come home early and enjoy the gorgeous day with us (and bearing a beautiful bouquet of flowers).
Learning our community pool and hot tub officially opened last weekend.
Putting on last summer's swimsuit and discovering it's beyond big - all the baby weight is lost, and then some.
Finding several Coors Lights in the fridge.
Relaxing in the hot tub (wearing a suit from my pre-Heroes days) with Daddy, while Ittyboy happily plays in his stroller and Bittyman is entertained by two great 13-year-old boys who are crazy enough to be swimming in the unheated pool.
Having a fridge stocked with tasty leftovers for dinner.
Bittyman falling asleep on my lap while we watched American Idol.
The Heroes down for the count before 9pm.

It doesn't get much better than that. I'm truly blessed.


Kate said...

wow! Can I borrow that recipe sometime? What a wonderful day! Congrats on all the weight loss too!

Sharon said...

I'm truly jealous! ;)
So glad you had a great day.

Cristie said...

i'll take 2 of those, please. Thanks!

Tracy said...

I'll take some of that and then some!!! You are so blessed!!

Tom in Vegas said...

First and foremost I LOVE the name of your blog!!

And, yes, you truly are blessed with a wonderful family. Besides the search for God, I think that's all that matters in this earthly existence:0)